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Section 8. IPM Resources

If you do not already have them, important EcoWise Documents can be found at the links below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Handbook

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Standards

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Study Guide

Links to other IPM Resources can be found below:

Useful Websites for IPM Information

Bio-Integral Resource Center
This web page has a list of IPM Publications available. Some of them are available online.

IPM Institute
This web page lists useful articles about specific pests, and many of the articles are available online.

Bed Bug Central
Although this is a commercial site, it has excellent information on bed bug biology, inspection, control, and research.

California Department of Pesticide Regulation School IPM Page
This section of the DPR web site contains a wealth of information about school IPM.

University of California Statewide IPM Project
U.C. Pest Notes for pests of homes, structures, people and pets. A great resource for identification (there is a wonderful ant key), biology, and management.

UC Riverside wasp pages
This information is for Southern California, but the same species occur in the Bay Area.

UC Riverside spider pages
This site debunks the myth of the brown recluse, as well as some other spider myths.

University of Florida Entomology Featured Creatures
Provides in-depth profiles of insects, nematodes, arachnids and other organisms.

University of Florida School IPM
Useful information on school IPM.

Marin County Department of Agriculture Model School IPM Program
This site has fact sheets to help educate school staff, teachers and parents.

Correspondence and On Line Courses

Purdue University Correspondence Course
Here you will find information on Purdue’s IPM correspondence courses.

University of Minnesota IPM Education
There are a number of courses to choose from that are made available at certain times of the year. Fees are collected to view these courses.

Books and Manuals

Bennet, G., J. Owens, and R. Corrigan [eds.]. 1997.Truman’s Scientific Guide to Pest Management Operations. 6th ed. Advanstar Publications, Cleveland, OH.

Doggett, S. 2010. Code of Practice for the Control of Bed Bug Infestations in Australia. University of Sydney Department of Medical Entomology.
Although this is written for Australia, it is an excellent set of best management practices that Dr. Doggett updates periodically; probably more useful in practice than the recently released BMPs from the National Pest Management Asssociation.

Gold, R. E., and S. C. Jones [eds.]. 2000. Handbook of Household and Structural Insect Pests. Entomological Society of America, Lanham, MD.

Hedges, S. A. 1996. Field Guide for the Management of Structure Infesting Flies. G.I.E. Publishing, Cleveland, OH.

Hedges, S. A. 1998. Field Guide for the Management of Structure-infesting Ants. G.I.E. Publishing, Cleveland, OH.

Hedges, S. A., and M. S. Lacey. 1996. Field Guide for the Management of Structure-infesting Beetles. Vols. I (Hide and carpet beetles/ wood-boring beetles) and II (Stored product beetles/occasional and overwintering beetles). G.I.E. Publishing, Cleveland, OH.

Kramer, R. 1998. PCT Technician's Handbook. G.I.E. Publishing, Cleveland, OH.

Mallis, A. 2004. Handbook of Pest Control, 9th edition. Pest Control Technology, Cleveland, OH.

O’Connor-Marer, Patrick J., M.L. Flint, M.K. Rust. 2006. Residential, Industrial, and Institutional Pest Control. 2nd. Edition. U.C. Statewide Integrated Pest Management Program. ANR Publication #3334. University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources Publications, Oakland, CA 1-800-944-8849

Pinto, L. J., R. J., Cooper, and S. K. Kraft, 2007. The Bed Bug Handbook. Pinto and Associates.

Smith, Eric H. and Richard C. Whitman. 1992. NPMA Field Guide to Structural Pests. Published by the National Pest Management Association

Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC) publications

For a list of publications on pest management available from BIRC, go to or call 510-524-2567.

Integrated Pest Management for Schools: A How-To Manual (written by BIRC staff)

Find the full text at Hard copies are available from BIRC.







Part B. Ecowise Certified IPM Practitioner Course

1. Advantages of EcoWise Certification

2. What You Need to Get Certified as an IPM Practitioner

3. Knowledge Expectations for a Certified IPM Practitioner

4. Following the EcoWise Standards

5. IPM Inspection and Monitoring

6. Writing an IPM Protocol

7. Review and Sample Questions

8. IPM Resources

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