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Section 6. Writing an IPM Protocol

When a company applies for EcoWise Certification, they must submit an IPM Protocol for one pest. It makes sense that the EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner should write the IPM Protocol, but that is not part of the knowledge expectations for an EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner that will appear on the written exam.

The IPM Protocol is basically a “How-to” written document detailing steps needed for IPM management of a pest. IPM methods rely heavily on monitoring and recordkeeping. For frequently encountered pests, it is useful to have a written IPM protocol.

To make this more understandable, a blank IPM Protocol with prompts for information, and a written IPM Protocol for the Argentine Ant can be found at the Links below:

Pdf Link: Blank IPM Protocol

Pdf Link: IPM Protocol for the Argentine Ant

A good protocol has information on:

A partnership with the customer. This may include obtaining customer contact information, advising customers of their responsibilities, distributing fact sheets, identifying a customer decision maker at each site. For commercial accounts, an IPM Coordinator is identified for each building.

A detailed history about the problem should be recorded. For commercial accounts the IPM Coordinator for each building maintains a pest management log. Pest complaints are entered into the log, providing basic monitoring information. The pest management company can also enter records of treatment into the log. Information should include where and when pests were sighted.

Pest Biology should be documented. For each pest, there should be a short written account of the pest’s biology. The biology of the pest may suggest a treatment and the timing of the treatment. For instance, ants share food by trophallaxis. This makes the whole colony susceptible to treatment with an ant bait. Foragers pick up the toxic bait and share it with others, targeting the whole nest for elimination. Typical nesting sites for the particular species can be investigated.

Site Inspection. The protocol should contain information on how to do a site inspection for a particular pest. Information should be recorded on an inspection form. Your company may have an inspection form or you can find one in the EcoWise Certified Handbook at the Link below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Handbook

Inform the Customer about the Inspection. The protocol should have a written outline over what aspects of the inspection to emphasize.

Develop a Written IPM Plan for the Pest. These plans can be on a recordkeeping form. For instance, EcoWise Certified has an IPM Site Plan and Treatment Record Form. You can obtain these forms in the EcoWise Certified IPM Handbook.

Evaluate and Monitor Treatment Success. The protocol should include how to deploy monitoring traps, and how to interpret results. This information should be shared with the customer.

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