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Section 2. What you Need to get Certified as an IPM Practitioner

To get certified as an IPM Practitioner, you must:

a. Be licensed in the State of California as a Field Representative or an Operator in Branch 2 (General Pests) for at least one year.

b. Complete the two hour EcoWise Orientation Training in Part A and pass the test for the CEUs.

c. Fill out an EcoWise Practitioner application below and mail it in with a $50 fee.

Pdf Link: Practitioner Application

d. Sign a copy of the EcoWise Certified Guiding Principles and mail it in with your application

Pdf Link: EcoWise Guiding Principles

e. Be willing to provide IPM service following the EcoWise Certified Standards. If you do not yet have a copy of the EcoWise Standards, you can obtain one at the link below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Standards

f. Demonstrate IPM Knowledge (see next section)

Any Questions? If you have questions about this section, use the email link below:


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Part B. Ecowise Certified IPM Practitioner Course

1. Advantages of EcoWise Certification

2. What You Need to Get Certified as an IPM Practitioner

3. Knowledge Expectations for a Certified IPM Practitioner

4. Following the EcoWise Standards

5. IPM Inspection and Monitoring

6. Writing an IPM Protocol

7. Review and Sample Questions

8. IPM Resources

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