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EcoWise Certified Online Orientation


Section 1. Advantages of EcoWise Certification

There are many good reasons why a professional should convert to IPM. Reducing daily pesticide exposure may have positive benefits on an applicator’s health. Learning to provide quality pest management services while reducing pesticide applications can lead to improved professional recognition. Once your company is recognized as a leader in this approach, IPM contracts with government agencies, hospitals, and other such clients should be easier to secure.

IPM has become a very important part of structural pest control, and IPM is often used in advertising. But the flexibility allowed by IPM can lead to confusion in these circumstances. When IPM is advertised, exactly what is meant by IPM and exactly how should IPM methods be used in structural pest control?

Structural IPM Certification Programs were created to reduce confusion, rigorously define IPM procedures, and to produce a level playing field resulting in no unfair advantages. If you are certified, no one can accuse you of “green washing,” which is advertising IPM, but using an IPM approach that has been modified so much that it may produce almost as many negative environmental impacts as conventional pest control.

EcoWise IPM Certification means that customers can hire you with confidence. More and more government agencies and private companies are requiring EcoWise Certification or giving special consideration to those who are certified. For government agencies that must include IPM in their pest management contracts, mandating EcoWise IPM Certification may be less labor intensive than specifying exactly the IPM method to be used for each pest.


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Part B. Ecowise Certified IPM Practitioner Course

1. Advantages of EcoWise Certification

2. What You Need to Get Certified as an IPM Practitioner

3. Knowledge Expectations for a Certified IPM Practitioner

4. Following the EcoWise Standards

5. IPM Inspection and Monitoring

6. Writing an IPM Protocol

7. Review and Sample Questions

8. IPM Resources

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