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EcoWise Certified Online Orientation


.7. EcoWise Standards

Day to day operations of an EcoWise Certified Service can be guided by the EcoWise Certified Standards. IPM Practitioners performing the service must follow the pesticide application standards. Step by step guidance is given for interaction with the customer, inspecting the site, devising an IPM treatment plan, and other needed information. If you have not yet obtained a copy of the Standards, you can get it at the link below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Standards.

More detailed information on the Standards can be found in Part A and Part B of this online course. A schematic of the IPM Treatment Process mandated by the Standards can be found below:

Pdf Link: Schematic of IPM Treatment

Pdf Link: Schematic of Pesticide Use


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Part C. EcoWise Certified IPM Service Provider Company or Branch

1. Advantages of a
Certifed IPM Service

2. EcoWise IPM
Definition and Guid-

3. How to get

4. IPM Protocols

5. Field Audit Forms
IPM Toolbox

6. Service Forms

7. EcoWise Standards

8. IPM Resources

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