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EcoWise Certified Online Orientation


1. Getting Started and Advantages of EcoWise Certified IPM Service

With online material, sometimes important things get lost in an attempt to be inclusive. Let’s start simply. Use the link below to obtain an application. Fill it out, send it in. Over a period of time, we can work with you to make sure you send us the other documents you need to get easily and quickly certified. Or if you want to do it all now, the other documents that you will need to get certified are explained below in Section 3. How to get certified.

Pdf Link: Business Application

There are many good reasons why a professional should convert to IPM. Reducing daily pesticide exposure may have positive benefits on an applicator’s health. Learning to provide quality pest management services while reducing pesticide applications can lead to improved professional recognition. Once your company is recognized as a leader in this approach, IPM contracts with government agencies, hospitals, and other such clients should be easier to secure.

Structural IPM Certification Programs were created to reduce confusion, rigorously define IPM procedures, and to produce a level playing field resulting in no unfair advantages. If you are certified, no one can accuse you of “green washing,” which is advertising IPM, but really practicing a slightly modified form of conventional pest control.

IPM Certification means that customers can hire you with confidence. More and more government agencies must include IPM in their pest management contracts, and many of them are mandating IPM Certification in order to be sure they are hiring a knowledgeable company
EcoWise Certified and Your Company

Here are a few things to think about

1. Will you make a rapid or a slower transition to IPM services?

2. Will you transition your whole business to IPM service or will you have a separate portion of your business devoted specifically to IPM service?

3. How will you price your IPM service? Most companies charge a premium for IPM because it takes more time and requires more training. You are charging for knowledge, experience, information and the education you will provide your customers. Don’t under price yourself.

4. Invest in education for your employees; it will pay off. It also benefits the entire industry by upgrading the position of pest control technician to that of respected and highly knowledgeable consultant.

5. Make problem-solving and communication skills a top priority in hiring and promoting your staff.

6. Understand that IPM is a continuum and there will always be room for your knowledge of IPM to grow and for your skill to increase.

Essential EcoWise Certification Documents

There are a number of documents that you will need to get certified and to run a successful certification program. The EcoWise Certified IPM Handbook has all the forms and information you need to get certified. You should keep at least one copy around the office as a reference. Forms include a Business Application and a copy of the EcoWise Guiding Principles. If you have not already mailed in an application, you can start the process by downloading the Handbook, filling out these two forms and mailing them in to the EcoWise Program Manager. Contact information is in the Ecowise Certified IPM Handbook which can be obtained at the link below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified IPM Handbook

Once you have sent in these documents, the EcoWise Program Manager can tell you what is needed to complete the process. Or you can refer to the step by step process in Section 3.

Other documents that will be useful in providing EcoWise Certified Service are the EcoWise Certified Standards and the EcoWise Certified Study Guide. You should keep at least one copy of the Standards around the office as a reference. Each of your technicians who will be working on an EcoWise Certified service should also have a copy of the EcoWise Standards. Your technicians will need the EcoWise Certified Study Guide as a reference for Parts A and B of this Online Orientation. Parts A and B of this course can be found online at

These documents can be obtained at the links below:

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified Standards

Pdf Link: EcoWise Certified Study Guide


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Part C. EcoWise Certified IPM Service Provider Company or Branch

1. Advantages of a
Certifed IPM Service

2. EcoWise IPM
Definition and Guid-

3. How to get

4. IPM Protocols

5. Field Audit Forms
IPM Toolbox

6. Service Forms

7. EcoWise Standards

8. IPM Resources

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