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EcoWise Certified Online Orientation


.4. IPM Protocol

An IPM Protocol for at least one pest must be submitted before certification can be completed. A blank IPM protocol form and a completed one for the Argentine Ant can be found in the EcoWise Certified Handbook. Instructions for writing the protocol are in Part B of this Online Course at

To be certified, at least one member of your staff must be an EcoWise Certified IPM Practitioner. A staff member can be certified by taking both Part A and Part B of this Online Course. These modules are online at It should be the job of the Certified IPM Practitioner to produce the IPM Protocol.


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Part C. EcoWise Certified IPM Service Provider Company or Branch

1. Advantages of a
Certifed IPM Service

2. EcoWise IPM
Definition and Guid-

3. How to get

4. IPM Protocols

5. Field Audit Forms
IPM Toolbox

6. Service Forms

7. EcoWise Standards

8. IPM Resources

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