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The IPM Practitioner's

2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products

The IPM Practitioner’s 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products contains more than 2000 products produced by more than 600 suppliers. The Directory is unique because it is compiled by IPM technical experts, includes specific product descriptions, and is organized in concert with the IPM decision making process.

Thus, it is easy to find a biological control for an aphid, a pheromone for a moth, or a bait for an ant. The Directory gives contact information and access to suppliers of biocontrol products, traps, pheromones, physical controls, tools, barriers, and least-toxic chemical control products.

The Directory is a valuable asset for anyone trying to practice IPM and reduce pesticide exposures. Listed products are useful for structural pest control, greenhouse production, home gardening, and organic farming.

An online version is available if you click here.

Those who want to buy a hard copy of this 48-page resource can order it from the Bio-Integral Resource Center (BIRC), PO Box 7414, Berkeley, CA 94707. Cost is $15 including mailing and handling. California residents add 9% sales tax. A convenient order form is available here.

Hard copies of the Directory are excellent assets for IPM Training Programs and Conferences. Quantity discounts are available until supplies run out. Call BIRC at 510-524-2567 or email us at for a price quote.

Acknowledgement The 2015 Directory of Least-Toxic Pest Control Products was supported, in part, through a grant from StopWaste.Org. BIRC is extremely grateful to StopWaste.Org for its assistance in producing the Directory.




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